Nowadays the locations for audiovisual productions are considered a true instrument of economic development because of the high impact they generate on local economies, both during or after the filming. For this reason ProChile has incorporated it among its Chilean exportation services.

In this context, and as part of its promotion work, today ProChile is an active member of the Association of Film Commissioners International, entity that certifies their work according to international standards.

In the last few years, Chile has positioned itself in the film, television and advertising industry, having world-class productions being made, among them Quantum of Solace (of the Bond 007 saga), films for german television, reality shows for european and american television, and advertisements for important car, clothes and food trademarks.

In the Location panel held this morning, the opportunities and potentials that big productions would have in this type of Chilean locations were presented. Additionally, the experience that other countries had through this economic activity in their global positioning and the increase in the arrival of tourists were also discussed. This meeting was led by Alberto Chaigneau, Executive Secretary of the Art Council and CNCA Audiovisual Industry and Chilean Film Commissioner. Also four Commercial Directors of ProChile from different countries accompanied him: Silvana Gattini (Sydney, Australia), Cristián Lopez (London, England), Francisco Correa (Los Angeles, United States) and Herman Beck (Tokyo, Japan).

In the case of Sydney, Silvana Gattini exposed that the Australian industry has had large advances in the last five years. “There has been a great increase in the utilities mainly due to government policies, facilitating the diffusion of locations internationally and thus, the production of large budget films. As well as letting the country count with the latest generation infrastructure”.

This activity comes with plenty of benefits, which rely mainly on SMEs, who see themselves favored through the demand of transport services, catering, hotels, production services and tourism in general; in regions that count with attractive locations for filming such as deserts, lakes, beaches, mountains, among others; and in the country image, as international production companies learn on the field the facilities, advantages and beauty that the country can offer them, which are exhibited in the world through movies and commercials of famous trademarks.